Beauty For Everyone

The Birth of Besbelle

After spending over 12 years in the diamond industry, Helen took a leap of faith and started Besbelle Jewels from her humble home. Her goal was simple: to make beautiful jewelry accessible to the everyday women around her. By partnering with certified experts, Helen and her team refined and finessed the stone, Cubic Zirconia, to emulate the fine jewelry quality that she believes every woman deserves. Today, Besbelle Jewels is still about making beautiful jewelry accessible to everyone, one piece at a time.

Our Practice

Partnering with industry veterans with more than 30 years of diamond curating and polishing experience, we were able to create a more brilliant Cubic Zirconia stone than the industry norm.

Our stones are individually hand-cut with delicate precision and are finished with a brilliant polishing technique that natural diamonds undergo during production, giving it the radiant sparkle and shine you see from our products today.

Our Design

We chose to make our jewelry with Cubic Zirconia stones on purpose, for a purpose. Our jewelry is intricately and meticulously designed and tested by our in-house designers before it is made and released to the public. Our goal is to design elegant and timeless jewelry for your everyday and special occasions.

Because every woman deserves the best beauty.

Our Stones

The majority of our stones are Cubic Zirconia on purpose, for a purpose. Man-made stones are significantly more sustainable and less risk than natural diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia stones are usually clear and colorless, very closely resembling the makeup of a diamond with a Moh's hardness score of 8-8.5. Under light, CZ's exude a more brighter and colorful color. Cubic Zirconia stones may be slightly less brilliant than a natural diamond but have strong charactaristics that make it a win. The stone itself is flawless and made perfect, just like you.

Our Quality

All our Sterling Silver receive a double-dip treatment of rhodium, adding an extra layer of silver plating. The extra layer makes Besbelle Jewels pieces extra durable, extra fine, and extra radiant.

All our Gold pieces have 18K gold plating at a minimum industry standard of 2.5 microns thick. The Gold is plated over our double-dipped rhodium plated sterling silver allowing prolonged prevention of discoloration and tarnish so you can enjoy your beautiful pieces for longer.