Mary started Besbelle out of her love for jewelry design. She met her husband studying in the same field and their fate was sealed.

Early on, the founders of Besbelle, opened a jewelry store in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Since then, Mary has worked tirelessly to design and perfect precious gemstones for the past decade. 

Desiring to spread the joy of what she created, Besbelle was born and presented to the world on Etsy. Since then, thousands have shared our joy in the beauty of our products.

Whether you're here for yourself or for someone else, we hope you'll stay a while. 

Hi everyone,

I majored in jewelry design and have always been interested in starting my own business. Luckily, my husband also studied a similar field so we decided to open a jewelry store in Manhattan, NY. We have been working on designing and manufacturing precious gemstones for over five years with the help of my relatives, who were already established in this industry for half a century. Since we started our business, we developed strong and longstanding relationships with customers who are satisfied with our products and service.

We decided to join Etsy to reach a larger audience, and to provide high quality yet affordable diamond simulant jewelry. I hope you find products you love in our shop and visit us again!

Spread the joy,
Mary Jones

Besbelle started in the humble home of Mary and her family. After spending decades in the diamond industry, Mary wanted to make beautiful jewelry accessible to every woman who wanted to treat herself.

Joining hands with expert professionals, Mary and her team created diamond simulant that replicates the qualities of. real diamond.

Besbelle's diamond simulants present the same gemological characteristics as those of a real diamond because they are individually hand-cut with delicate precision and finished with brilliant polishing techniques that real diamonds undergo during production. 

So whether you're here for yourself or for someone else, we hope you'll stay a while.